North American leader in commercial floriculture
greenhouse solutions


Do you supply and sell greenhouses world-wide ?

We predominantly, support partners in the United States and Canada.

Do you build and install the greenhouses ?

We work with a network of Building partners to ensure you your installations needs are met

Do you make recreational / hobby greenhouses ?

Unfortunately not, we focus entirely on greenhouses for commercial floricultural growers with facilities typically 6,000 sq ft & much larger.

Do your greenhouses conform to my local building code?

Our standard greenhouses are built to conform to the Canadian Farm Building Code. If that code is not applicable to your project, we’ll work with you to make sure that the greenhouse that we supply for you conforms to the applicable codes in your area.

Do you take care of the building permit for my project?

We will work to supply you with the information and drawings that you need for your building permit. We can also supply engineered stamped drawings for your project if required by your local building department.

Can I erect the greenhouse with my own crew?

Some of our customers choose to erect their greenhouses themselves. We supply detailed drawings and instructions for erection, however, we would recommend that you arrange for an experienced greenhouse contractor to install your greenhouse. If you prefer, we can handle the installation or we can recommend an experienced installer in your area and you can deal with them directly. Some jurisdictions may require the use of licensed contractors for greenhouse installation, please consult your local codes.

Looking for an NORTH AMERICAN approved commercial greenhouse PROVIDER?

Serving Canada & USA

The westbrook Group of Companies provides potted plants, cut flowers, light duty utility trailers, and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America.