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Greenhouse Benches


Westbrook production benches are available either in rolling or stationary models and can be assembled with virtually no fasteners. For the commercial grower, a rolling bench can help you use nearly all of the space in your greenhouse for growing and eliminate expensive area loss for walkways.

Each greenhouse bench stand adjusts 6″ at the turn of a wrench, allowing for great drainage on any type of floor.

Westbrook custom retail benches are also available. Maximize your display space with custom tiered benches.

Westbrook stationary benches are an excellent, cost effective method to display your product, or bring your crop to working heights. With the ability to customize the length and width, there are endless options to fit your needs.

Our stationary benches are adjustable up to 6″ with a single wrench, allowing for drainage on any type of floor.

Westbrook rolling benches are a cost-effective method to bring your crops to working height. With the ability to adjust your aisles helping make accessible working spaces you can maximize your growing space.

Our rolling benches are also adjustable up to 6” with a single wrench, allowing for drainage on any type of floor.

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The westbrook Group of Companies provides potted plants, cut flowers, light duty utility trailers, and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America.