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Greenhouse Heating


Maximize your profits with an efficient greenhouse heating system, designed by the Westbrook engineering team.

With over 50 years of growing knowledge and 30 years of engineering, design, manufacturing and construction experience, we can help cut your heating costs. We deal directly with leading manufacturers for boilers, burners, heat exchangers, condensers, pumps and unit heaters. Heating pipe hangers, brackets and support material are all fabricated in our factory for best delivery, flexibility and quality control.

Local Heating

Westbrook offers cost effective heating for the greenhouses where heat is provided using high efficiency unit heaters.

There are many different options available from standard fan and blower models, condensing models and even hybrid designs when we tie these together with warm water infloor or inground radiant heat.


With the use of boilers, Cogen, Thermal Energy Storage and mainline distribution we can run hot water almost anywhere in your greenhouse allowing heat to be produced in one or more places and utilized throughout. We can also help with full steam, CO2 distribution and rainwater collection.

With inhouse experts we can customize your design for what your needs are.

Not sure which greenhouse is right for your business?

The westbrook Group of Companies provides potted plants, cut flowers, light duty utility trailers, and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America.