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Greenhouse Structures

Westbrook’s Greenhouse Structures

Westbrook offers a wide range of greenhouse structures for all your growing needs. From a free-standing structure for beginner growers looking to start, to a skyline greenhouse for the seasoned growers.


Freestanding Greenhouse


For the grower on a budget, the Freestanding house (with the same sloping design as our Apex house) keeps your crop safe in a controlled environment. This greenhouse offers a sturdy structure at a cost any grower can handle.

Gutter Connected Greenhouses

Westbrook Apex

Developed by Westbrook, the Apex’s combination peak/arch design, integrated drip channel/ camlock system, together with anti-condensate poly, all help to keep condensation out of the greenhouse. The slope of the roof line keeps the inside layer of poly wrinkle free and allows any condensation to be drained to the outside gutter.


Open Roof Greenhouses

Westbrook Skyline

The Skyline greenhouse is the ultimate in open air structures. Exposing your crops to outdoor conditions has never been safer or easier. This structure not only gives you the ability to put your crop outside within minutes, but it also functions as a fully sealed greenhouse all winter long.

Venlo Greenhouses

Westbrook Venlo

The Venlo greenhouse is fashioned after the traditional European style greenhouse, but was developed by Westbrook to specifically address the extreme climate and snow loads faced by the North American grower. This house provides an ideal year round growing environment for all types of crops.

venlo greenhouse roof

Custom Greenhouses

Westbrook Custom Greenhouses

Westbrook has been an industry leader for decades, not only because of our innovative spirit and technologically advanced facilities, but because we’re growers ourselves. We understand what’s needed and we’ve developed our products from a grower’s perspective. We can address a multitude of applications with expert advice and solid, dependable greenhouses. Building custom structures for what ever your needs are.


Not sure which greenhouse is right for your business?

The westbrook Group of Companies provides potted plants, cut flowers, light duty utility trailers, and the design and build of commercial and production greenhouse structures throughout North America.